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In Life you never get a Second Chance to Create the First Impression


We at A NUOVO IMAGE believe that your appearance is your VISUAL RESUME
At work, dressing well can clinch your exuberance for your career, showcase your extraordinary qualities and improve your confidence.
Image Management is the ongoing process of enhancing the ABCs of one’s image:
The key elements of your image are dressing, grooming, Etiquette, verbal and vocal communication. Eventually, the word image means the impact of your appearance on others and on yourself. This is your “image from the inside out”; which is to say, reinforcing your positive inner values and countering the negatives.
Image Management is a Life Skill. It encompasses projecting an Authentic, Appropriate, Attractive and an Affordable image which is, in tune with life’s various roles for the accomplishment of our goals. This life skill of managing one’s image becomes a way of life, thereby increasing our confidence, credibility, capability and productivity…
Why A Nuovo Image?
We at A Nuovo Image believe that each one YOU is gifted .What is needed is to learn the art to unwrap this gift and be the BEST YOU
We help people learn the science and master the art of sprucing their image ; rediscover oneself and help each one position themselves more noticeably to the world outside.
Meaning of A Nuovo Image, Nuovo is an Italian word which means ‘new’. It is pronounced as ‘NWOH-voh’.
What we offer?
 Individual Solutions
 Corporate Solutions
 Educational Institutes
 Gift Pacakage
 Retail Store Solutions
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Individual Solutions

We have something for everyone

Individual solution2

  • Teenagers
  • Young Adults
  • Executives
  • Bankers
  • Brides & Grooms
  • Housewives
  • HNI`s
  • Entrepreneurs

Lifestyle Evaluation :

Lifestyle Evaluation is the preliminary image assessment. We perform the ‘week at glance ‘ activity.


  • Identify your lifestyle which includes your work culture , your roles and goals in your personal ,professional and social life
  • Come up with a plan of action for you to meet your image goals , time frame, budget and your taste in fashion

Personal style Evaluation :

Each of you is unique with your own personal style. This session is conducted with the help of consulting tools and kit .This gives us a complete guide to view styles that will work for you and will not work for you. This also helps us know your likes and dislikes.

We do :

Personal values evaluation.

Understanding yin and yang.

Identifying personality traits.

Understanding clothing choices.


  • Create an appropriate ,authentic image in your personal, professional, social life without loosing your individuality and comfort
  • Achieving more confidence.
  • Highlighting strengths and contouring weaknesses

Body Shape and Face Shape Evaluation :

Each one of you have different body shape and posture. This session serves as an eye opener. It helps you know the ‘What & How’ of dressing as per your body shape .


  • Understanding types of body shapes.
  • Clothes recommendation as per body shapes.
  • Contouring and highlighting techniques.
  • Guidelines of fabulous fit.

Color Analysis:

Right colors can make one’s day . This session would help us know your personal color characteristics. We help you recognize colors best compliment and flatter your personality.


  • what colors work best for you in terms of clothes, accessories (for women cosmetics)
  • We guide you right use of colors creating powerful illusions of body size and shape
  • We recommend fashion colors based on eye, hair, skin and lip color
  • You will learn how to create focal points in dressing

Wardrobe Evaluation & Cluster Planning :

This session is a process of identifying What works, What Doesn’t and Why.

Benefits :

  • Identifying likes/dislikes as per occasion, elements, clothes, accessories
  • Make better use of clothing that you already own
  • What you need to add /discard
  • Avoid making mistakes while buying in future
  • Closet clean out & reorganize
  • Shopping list
  • Cluster clothes in groups for more variety and versatility

Skin care & Make Up tips ( Exclusively for women) :


  • Know your skin type
  • Make up for different occasions
  • Counter and highlight technique as per your face shape 

Etiquette: We cover social etiquette for everyday and special occasions and divulge precise etiquette tips for your special needs.

Body Language: This is an often ignored but very important dimension of non-verbal communication. This clinic revolves around acquiring positive and proactive body language skills.

Communication: We believe that teaching the art of correct communication techniques sets the foundation for a strong and successful future.

Accessorizing: Accessories add flavour, style and character to an individual and the outfit. It’s the final finishing touch.

Our services are here  for YOU. You can mix and match / add or subtract our services . We will tailor make service package just for you

Program Duration: Complete package: 20hrs Minimum 3 clinic package: 4 hrs-8 hrs

Special Extra`s: If you want to do more with these clinics, here’s what we have in store for you. You could: Gift a package or any of the clinics to someone you think would appreciate it.

Avail our Personal Shopping services. Opt for a Monthly or Quarterly post-program review.

Please contact us for further details, packages and costs. 

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